Bai Tu Long National Park - Where You Can Hear Your Heart's Beating

Bai Tu Long National Park - Where You Can Hear Your Heart's Beating


You may heard and knew about Cat Ba National Park which is a large isolated island with two of the unique activities in Halong Bay. Now on the other side of Bai Tu Long Bay, a cluster of islands and islets contained rich biodiversity of plants and animals called Bai Tu Long National Park which is one of the seven amphibian national parks in Vietnam (The term “amphibian” in this context is used to describe Bat Tu Long national park has both terrestrial and aquatic terrains)

The View from Ba Mun Island

The location of Bai Tu Long national park isn’t hard to locate since this place has taken over one-third of Bai Tu Long Bay. A large patch of islands not too far away from Van Don port including main islands: Trà Bản, Ba Mùn, Quan Lạn, Bản Sen; You can travel by your own or these islands will be included in every itineraries of Bai Tu Long cruises. One note that: one-day trips will not have Bai Tu Long Bay in their routes, so be sure to pick up the suitable time-span to have Bai Tu Long national park in your trip.

The landscape of these islands is somewhat can describe how beautiful Bai Tu Long national park is, the raw terrain of rocky, the evergreen plants, the tropical creatures. At some points, you will see a dreamy picture of swamp with glossy grey of water, small bushes, the farther you seek, the more mesmerizing it is.

The swamp in Tra Ngoc island

To compare with other national parks in Vietnam, Bai Tu Long has quite short age which was newly established in 2001, but the former name of the park was Ba Mun National Conservation Zone has much longer past, along with the very first days of Halong Bay. The purpose to establish Ba Mun national Conservation Zone is to protect endangered species and the wild nature in the area.

Up to now, Bai Tu Long national park has extended to the area of 157 km2 divided into two main parts: 61.25 km2 of islands and islets, 96.58 km2 of the sea. On the terrestrial zone, animals and plants are distributed all over 40 islands of three main areas which are: Ba Mùn, Trà Ngọ and Sậu of Bai Tu Long biosphere.

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To be neared with the most touristy zone in Vietnam, Bai Tu Long Bay was still such well-preserved with 72 species of wild animals, more than 1909 species of plants (including both terrestrial and aquatic plants). You can many endemic species that only can find in this national park, according to FFI (Fauna and Flora Preservation Society) published the reports showed that in Halong Bay there are 14 plants and 60 endemic animals, some of the notable species included: Blinded Loach (lived in fresh water of dark places such as the streams in the caves), Cày ri ta Hạ Long (A type of African Violet), Riềng núi đá (An Alpinia species which lived specifically on the limestone cliffs), Halong cycad, Khổ cử đại tím, Khổ cử đại nhung, Halog aracerous bark and many more.

What To Enjoy in Bai Tu Long National Park

Hidden in the least visited place in Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long national park was perfectly covered in the cloak of untouched paradise. Each year, the national park was spotted by only few thousands of visitors, so we can call this place is still under neglected by any eyes. In the exchange of non-touristy destination, you can hold any activities in or out of the water in Bai Tu Long if you want, from hiking on the roads of the park, swimming and snorkeling in between of coral reefs, Bai Tu Long national park is the purest yet the closest to nature’s touch in your reach

Not A Big Lakes, But It's Beautiful

First, when going to a place that has few separate islands, Bai Tu Long National Park will not disappoint you since the islands here are quite large with Tra Ban has the area varied from 68 – 81 km2 (Due to the tide) and other islands: Trà Ngọc, Ba Mùn (18 km2), the trip can be fitted with medicore to hard trek, the highest point in Tra Ban and maybe in the area is Nang Tien Peak with 485 meters. For foreigners, you may need to show your passport to reach up the tip top since a radar had been placed at Nang Tien peak to watch the border.

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For an island, the biodiversity here is remarkable with some animals can only be found in the deep jungles of Vietnam such as: Sumatran serow, rhesus macaque, indian civet, leopard cat, in some rare scenes, adventures reported that they encountered with wild boars here, but don’t worry much since the locals have lived here for long enough that the boars tend to avoid far away from human world.

Let’s not forgetting about cave exploring in Trà Ngọ island where Hang Dơi (Bat Cave – Don’t expect Batman here) was surrounded by mangrove trees, surprisingly, the cave is not the shelter for only the bats but also the otters, foxes and monkeys

After the hiking trip, it’s the best to take the jump right in the closest water area you see, Bai Tu Long’s water is the purest you can find in Halong Bay. To make the trip even greater, snorkeling under the clear water is another unforgettable experience, you can emerge and dive again to see how differences between the picture of limestone cliffs on the surface and under, how lively the marine lives are surround the coral reefs

Bai Tu Long National Park is just one place but it has numerous of activities you can joy.