​Enjoying Halong City Nightlife

Halong – A Tourist City with millions of visitors come here every year but that’s in the daylight. When the night comes, Halong city will cloak over its body with a contrastive side with the quiet atmosphere, the unusual vibrant bars, and nightclubs, desolation in the streets, the daily life of the locals whom you only see their smiles in the daytime but a busy manner to prepare for the next day. Halong as it was called “the million aspects city”

Wandering around the city center

The way to enjoy the nightlife in Halong City for the tires of the daily life. You don’t need to get massaged or relaxing methods more since the atmospheric of the night has it all. Wandering around the city to see the street cleaners are tidying up to make the city shines again or the offerings from the food vendors on bikes (One of the most significant and the remains of the way people live since the French colonization) and the vague smells of burned roads, the flowers, not to mentioned about the sounds of the sea, few vehicles cross out. You will have more time to see the houses that relied on mountains, the starry sky.

The time is halted as the tourist halted to visit Halong.

bai chay bridge

Partying in The Bars and Nightclubs

Halong city has no short of bars and nightclubs, that’s what I can confirm, but I’m not sure about one thing is that all the nightclubs are all the same since they have one or more special feats for any partners. Looking for seaview Club? You can try Halong View Club, the top floor of this bar on the inner bay of Halong what’s better than holding a beer and enjoy on the beautiful view and bumping music around, Halong View Club is located on Tran Thai Tong street and open from morning to the afternoon. bars and nightclubs in halong bay

Funky Bar where the most tourists come here and the place for you to be honored as the top drinker have ever visited, you will be named on the board and compare with the others how much can you drink. And also the food isn’t some fruits or snacks, you can be ordered almost anything from fry chicken to spring rolls, you name it.

The bar and nightclubs are the main entertainment you cannot miss to raise your exciting bar to the extreme

Test Your Luck in The Casinos

Do you feel any luck and try before it runs out? Let’s take your chance to Royal Halong Hotel. Upon the searching for first-class experience in five-star Halong Royal Hotel has professional staffs, great view of the bay. With a newly established casino, there are so many fortunes left that haven’t taken by travelers, the roulettes, slot machines, pokers, even with only one dollar left in your pocket, you can still try the luck and bring a bag of dollars to home.

Nothing Like Waking Up in Royal Halong Hotel

casino in halong bay

Filling up bellies in the night markets

While your stomach sudden growl out for being empty, it’s great deal to come to the night markets in Halong to warming it up. You don’t need to find any street food vendors more since Halong Night Market has all the dishes and without worrying about it’ll be overpriced or not, since all the stuffs in this night market can be way cheaper than any places in Halong. The location you can find Halong Night Market is at Bai Chay port where you can hear the sea relaxes its waves from the cruises ship of Halong tourism. At the night is the most suitable time to see and buy fresh seafood that have just been caught and transferred from the fishing boats, eating the mantis shrimp soup while looking the living ones still crawling out of the basket on the other side of market

halong night market

Fishing on the cruise

This activity is included many cruise tours to Halong Bay, the reason for choosing the night as the best time to fishing is because the fishes and shrimp are attracted to the lights, showing flashlights to the water, hanging down the fishing rod, wait for few minutes and voilà, a squid is already on your hook.

squid fishing in halong bay

Another benefit of fishing at the night that you can hear the quiet sound of waters in Halong that was just in a great rush of cruises and boats.

Sitting in one place to enjoy what the others miss while sleeping

Many spots in Halong city that are suitable for standing still, waving the water or sitting on the beach. From my experience, Bai Chay bridge is one of the sitting places, since it has the height from the water surface to the road 50 meters and the connection between two sides of Halong. Another place is on the banks of the east side of Halong, this viewpoint has not obstacles to let your mind flows with the winds In Halong Bay. In addition, the hills are better standpoints than any places in Halong but travelers must ask the locals to be able to go up since it hasn’t had any main routes to access.

perfect viewpoint bai chay bridge

Bai Chay bridge can be accessed easily

Waiting for the sun slowly raises up the yellowish orange will shake you up with the warmth of the light and thermal ocean currents.  

Halong is combined with both of the animated life of the city and the serene nature in the bay, please visit our website: https://halong-bay-cruise.com to not miss any incredible charms of Halong Bay