Exclusive Activities and Events on Halong Bay Cruises

Exclusive Activities and Events on Halong Bay Cruises

To make a good dish, choosing fresh raw ingredients is only a beginning part, but the essential element is not the meat but it’s the spices that make the dish such wonderful, so does with traveling especially in a beautiful place Halong Bay.

The bay is raw material with unlimited potentials to be enjoyed with many ways, but without the “spices” – the activities to rebalancing Halong Bay dish, tourists will not taste much more like ordinary beaches. From years of devotion for tourism, Halong Bay has been added a lot of extravaganza activities like: Kayaking, cycling, climbing, cave exploring; or for the calm lovers: spa, tai chi, dinning besides of the beach. Here’s the list of the activities are held by Halong Bay Cruises for You


Kayaking is an un-detachable activity in every cruises of Halong Bay, you cannot find one cruise without it. Don’t get me wrong, although with its popularity, kayaking in Halong is one of the highlights that can contain a lot of unique ingredients and unforgettable memories from gliding on the water through floating caves, under million tons of rock, communicating with the locals at fishing villages, interact with everything you see. You won’t be limited with kayaking.

FYI: After a temporary ban on kayak to improve quality services, Kayaking in Halong Bay has been brought back to live. You won’t need to worry about kayaking’s hidden on your cruise’s itinerary anymore

first time to kayak in Halong Bay


Another must-in activity in Halong, What’s the point of traveling from thousands of miles to the most beautiful bay in the world and cannot enjoy its water? Swimming in Halong Bay can be more unusual than in other waters since you can jump right in the water to dive yourself in the clear water currents to refresh yourself.

The special thing about Halong Bay’s sea is it will protect you, not trying to harm you, the temperature of Halong Bay’s water is contradictory with the weather here which makes it even better and far more attractive, even in the hot or cold months doesn’t affect your swim

jumping right in the clea water on halong bay cruise

Squid Fishing

This is on request activities with mainly operated from April to January which will explain why at the side boards of every cruise boats have the lights on (and of course it’s for decorating too). This is one of few relaxing delights on cruise while you can drop the hook and watching over the bay at night, and with just a vibrant, you’re becoming more exciting than ever

Squid Fishing occurred in the night, if you try to do in the daylight, your hook will be as shine as the time before you hired it. Squids are craved to the lights, don’t waste your chance to fill up your baskets with squids. One Tip: to catch large squids, you should choose the time between August and December.

squid fishing at night

Playing Card and Board Games

After a day full of events with the cruises, playing some games with your friends is a perfect way to end with a lot of laughs. It’s like getting back to the time that you were 9 and newly discovered Monopoly game, invited your friend to come over and played together to see who would run out of money first.

On the cruise, you can combine the games with drinking rules which will increase the competitive and excitements in every turns.

choose your board games


You may have acquainted with relaxing your body in the quiet Spas on land. But what about the Spa with sea waves? You can enjoy two things with Spa in Halong Bay: your body will be stretched at every nerves it get with the skillful hands of professional therapists, your mind will be put into a state of interference with the nature.

Paradise Peak Cruises with Spa Or Aprodite Cruise

Spa in Halong Bay

Cooking Classes

You have known a lot of Vietnamese traditional dishes on the served meals, now you will know the ingredient of delicious sweet and sour sauce in the last meal and keep that recipe to surprise your friends in the hometown. How about that?

Cruise’s Cooking Class is about experiencing the new things, you can choose to learn how the chief can make the rose out of a slice of cucumber or trying to make yourself a spring roll full of beef and herbs to dip in the sauce.

Au Co Cruise for cooking classes

Taking a cooking class

Tai Chi

With this activity, you will know why all of the Chinese martial artists can be so calm in such life threatening moments. The most important benefits of doing Tai Chi is increase your health with every breath you take, within few minutes of guiding how to take a breath with your belly, your mind will enter a strange state that brings complete calm without any thoughts.

Most of the Tai Chi courses will take place at the early morning with mild sunlight and quiet in the clear sky days, after exercising all the lessons, you will have enough energy to be enthusiast with whole day activities ahead

Tai Chi class on Violet Cruise

Beach sports

With many beaches and islands, you can set up the games to play at almost anywhere without having bumped up to somebody’s back. Beach games can be played at any time of the day with few suggestions are: soccer, volleyball, handball. Remember whenever you feel tired, dive yourself in the water and you will return to normal again.

enjoying beach football

BBQ on the Beach

The beautiful moments on the beach. BBQ in Halong Bay Cruises is made with Vietnamese recipes of sugary mixture, lemon, oyster sauce, ginger, all of them are carefully soaked in every slices of meat. Furthermore, the fresh air of the beach and the silky sand under your feet, more than enough to lift up your feelings like a candle.

Enjoy Beach BBQ with Princess cruise

perfect BBQ dinner in halong bay