Explore Cat Ba National Park

Cat Ba national park is the only island park in Vietnam which is isolated from the rest of Halong Bay and well-preserved for the ecosystem. The park made first impression with the grey and green colors that overlaid the lonely mountains on Cat Ba Island, the scene combined both elements of Halong with limestone cliffs and evergreen tropical forest which gives travelers here a mystery curtain enough to intrigue the curiosities.

Cat Ba national park distances 30 kilometers from Hai Phong city and 25 kilometers away from the city of Halong. In here, you can experience of 6 different types of environments including: tropical rain forest, mangrove forest, tidal flat, marine lake, coral reef and soft bottom and among them, there are numerous plants and animals from 3860 species, white-headed langur the unique endemic species of Cat Ba national park which is also in critically endangered primates in the world. From the statistic of the park, there are only 70 individuals left, you may have rare chances to see this langur’s hanging on the ledges

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Trekking or Biking here is the most suitable activity to enjoy. You will have 18 kilometer long to go through the heart of the forest. What will leave you up are the smells of earth, the grass, the leaves and the humid air, the silent sound of the park and an exciting mood for the next trip in Vietnam

With the hiking trails

To get enter the world’s biosphere reserve, you need to pay a small fee to get entrance (divided into two types the first is short hike for 2$ to the peak and 4$ to further Viet Hai village) and your informations: name, address, phone number. The reason why the management board have to do this is to protect the biodiversity zone from the litters and the hazard of breaking the balance of nature at the national park, but don’t worry about the restrained things since the only thing you need to do is follow the pathway, but you can enter some places deep into the woods.

hiking in cat ba national park

You can take your time and enjoy every moments you’re walking under the dorm of leaves, some squirrels will look at you with naïve eyes. It’s unknown how many squirrel species are there in Cat Ba national park but certainly this is shelter for one of the largest squirrels in the world named as Giant Black Squirrel which has the length up to 50 centimeters, nearly as big as a domestic cat.

The most convenient part when you’re hiking freely explores every single details of the jungle and able to climb to the highest spot in Cat Ba National Park. To tell you that some point can reach at 500 meters (Higher than the highest spot in Halong Bay which is Bai Tho mountain) and at this point the green carpet will feast your eyes. In addition, you can explore some caves here in the controlled zone to have the look at deep side of the jungle

road in cat ba national park

For an ideal trip, it’s highly recommend to bring at least 2 liters of water and small meals because the hike can take up to 5 hours to complete it all. First time jungle-explorers at Cat Ba National Park shouldn’t worry about getting lost since the instruction boards are placed in obvious areas with English translations on it.

Or With the biking tour

Biking Tour is newly developed lately with the tour operators on the island and it isn’t only packed within Cat Ba national park but also the whole island. The roads are easily to drive with very few of traffics, you won’t get honking like in the main cities. You’ll only need to spend less efforts to go through the island without losing much of it.

It’s the best to start at the harbor and go along with the beach side road, the small breezes from the bay will boost you up and energize you to pierce the island. Sometime in the jungle you should be aware of laden branches and dodge it like a real biking game simulator.

A little notice that there are two spots that you can have the best view are:

- Viewing platform at Ngu Lam Peak in Kim Giao jungle. This spot has the height of 225 meters and accessible within minutes

viewing platform in cat ba national park

- 177 height spot: an old cannon fort with the view to the bay and the jungle and a bunker underneath, at this place you can take some rest for hours of traveling with a cup of coffee at the nearby store. Also if you’re curious about the jungle you can zoom in with binocular viewer to see the full details, maybe some monkeys are waving hands at you 

177 height spot cat ba national park

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