Halong Bay Climbing Spots

Halong Bay Climbing Spots

In one of the previous articles before, I have created a specific guide to rock climbing in Halong but the list of climbing destination haven’t been completed yet. With this, I’ll introduce you many places to satisfy your desire of reaching up the top of the world here with difficult levels and how to reach them.

Note that: All of the rock climbing destinations here are recommended and have been explored by the pioneers. Some of the un-excavated cliffs have submerge rocks under the water, so it’s highly suggest that avoid unfamiliar places for climbing.

Another notice: In Halong there are 2 main climbing styles: Deep-water soloing in mostly everywhere of the Bay and Sport Climbing in Cat Ba island

- > Before you get on the rocks, here's the guide for climbing in Halong Bay

  • Climbing Spots in Halong Bay

halong bay climbing spots

1, Streak of Lighting: A 7c+ grade Deep-water soloing spot, Not too far away from the offshore of Cat Bat Island, a huge boulder with a crack that looked like it had been struck by the lighting, This rock is quite hard to climb since its diagonal line cost a lot of stamina, but the hanging surface is smooth and easy to grab.

streak of lighting halong bay

2, Moody’s Beach: A cluster of sport climbing with the grades vary from 4C – 6b+. The name of the rocks to climb are: Mao De, Barefoot Vietnamese, Khong Co Gi, Honeymoon Delight, Routine Heaven, Do It for Billy Joel. You won’t get any troubles with Moody beach since the ledges are plentiful and jutted out rocks to take a breath.

moody beach halong bay

3, Offenheimer’s Creation: Ranged from 5b – 7b.

Although it nears the water but it’s sport climbing, smooth surface, few ledges, a real challenge in Halong Bay but when reaching up the top, it’s worth for your hard effort, remember to plan out the routes before taking actions

offenheimer creation halong bay

4, Slo Pony Wall: 6a – 7c

Climbers can choose to climb straight up with spiky route or use your whole body in the small trench

slo pony wall halong bay

5, Pirate’s Belly: 5a – 7B

This rock is divided into two main phase, the first path is less fatigue since you can climb along with the diagonal, with the incline, it’s like you’re walking on the road. But don’t underestimate this cliff with the second phase which can drain out your strength, the rock is leaning out which you have to use your arms most of the time.

pirate bell halong bay

6, Temple Amphitheatre

The steep height and only one base point that make this rock hard. As you reach here, you will see a cove which is your starting point, there’s a small rock to climb on and make your first move to conquer Temple Amphitheatre rock

temple amphitheatre halong bay

7, Hawaii 5 – 0 Wall: 6a – 7b

The starting point is the hardest, which your body sometimes is parallels with the water, but challenge will not stop there, this limestone cliff gives you some enhancements for your arms with the switch point from the horizontal to vertical

hawaii 5 - 0 wall halong bay

8, Three Brothers: 4c – 7a+

Look much like the combination of Hawaii 5 – 0 Wall and Streak of Lighting, but grayer and more cracks. Choosing when the tide rise is recommend since the water below can be quite shallow and dangerous. Overhang for the first steps and crawling up along with the height, there’s a person had reached to the top, you can be the next one

three brothers halong bay

9, Jellyfish Wall: This rock hasn’t been visited much by the climbers yet, so it’s your chance to explore an untouched place in Halong Bay. The main distinct to recognize Jellyfish wall is the overlap from layers of layers of the rock, with that structure, you will find it harder and harder every steps.

jellyfish wall halong bay

10, Fisherman’s Way: 5c – 7b

Well, the fisherman’s way is flow with the water, so the climber’s way with this one is pretty much like that, you’ll only to follow the rack of rock to a hollow where it’s the end of the road if you want to or finding a way to overpass and climb to the top. Like Three Brothers climbs, you should choose rising tide for your safety.

fishermen way halong bay

11, Polish Pillar: 5a – 6b

This one looked like had put sliced a large stone into many pieces and stacked it back into the pillar as we see today. Choosing the starting point is a little harder than other rocks with the thin foundation so just get on a boat and swarm up with the racks

polish pillar halong bay

I will keep update the new climbing spots in Halong Bay within this article. For other activities with Halong bay cruise package, you're one click away from that useful information