Halong City isn't exciting? Check out here What To Do in Halong City

What To Do In Halong City

Since people mentioned Halong is the bay but not the city, travelers tended to ignore what it has in the city. In the first place Halong city was a fishing village named as Oyster Plain with few inhabitants and gradually expanded to further out of the bay, setting up floating villages as presented today by the cruise tours. But the main changing started from just few years ago, which has been developed with escalating rate, mostly based on the tourism of the Bay, the major international seaport of the world and SEA region, trading merchandise hub with China.

cai lan seaport

The main seaport hub Cai Lan

As you come to the city, you will see houses that were built on the foothills from many years ago and still upfront with the bay, travelers can climb on the hills and mountains of the city and see how the life works and operates, how beautiful the bay is and how come travelers neglected the city since it has places to enjoy, for example Bai Tho mountain – the highest spot in Halong, the route to top isn’t hard to reach since the city has built steps to easier access and you’ll see some telecommunication remnants from the Vietnam – French wars in the past.

bai tho mountain

Another panorama place’s Bai Chay bridge which is the intersection of the major four: Cua Luc Bay, Halong Bay, the east and west sides of Halong city, you’ll have at least two views in one scene and four if you choose the right spot on the height of 50 meters (nearly a quarter of Bai Tho mount). At the night, Bai Chay bridge’s decorated with beautiful lights from both the city and the boats, the bays and the bridges. Not too far from Bai Chay bridge, the longest cable system in world, Queen cable cars let you hovering over the bay from 2.2 kilometers long from Ba Deo mountain to Bai Chay beach which lead you to the Sun World Halong Complex with its signature Sun Wheel rays the lights, this I can say the highest artificial spot in Halong Bay. Moreover, the complex brings extravaganza activities such as: the water slides, the flying dragon roller coaster, Mystic castle exploring and many more entertainment games for both kids and adults which are more than the offerings for just a day.

queen cable car halong bay

Not just the outdoor activities, Halong city is abundant of shopping places. From the night local and night markets, you can find many merchandise with amazingly cheap prices, freshest fishes that have just been harbored from few hours ago, cute souvenirs, handy tools. To choose luxury rings that you’ve planted to propose your fiancé, famous fashion brands, cinemas, indoor skiing, Vincom Center Halong, Halong Marine Plaza, Sun World are the ones you need. Each of the places have unique services, for specific, Vincom Center Halong has skiing, cinemas, Sun World with good foods, games and for Halong Marine Plaza, you have international festivals and nations events like International Firework Contests, the carnival, summer fest.

The newly rebuilt Quang Ninh Museum and Library give you the glimpse at Halong Bay’s past and modern developments in a harmonious tone. The special feat about the museum that you won’t see any places like this museum is the exhibit rooms are different from the others, each ones follow one main subject: the military hall lookalikes an aircraft, the traditional Vietnamese ethnics in their house, the coal workers in the mine. Let’s not miss the chance travel from time to time in the historic timeline of Vietnam in Quang Ninh museum and library

quang ninh museum

The outside of The Museum

It’s a huge mistake if forgot to mention about Halong cuisines. Halong City has the best original dishes in the northern coast of Vietnam. The nature has gifted many strange yet tasty sea marines to Halong, finger snail or razor shell is one example, the locals had invented many dishes with this creature from boiled ginger, grilled, frythe first feeling when you eat finger snail is its crunchy meat, sweety taste.

Ruoc Lo is another one that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. The creature resemble with octopus but smaller, equal size to your tip-toe and only live under the sand layer near the beach. You can eat it raw or boiled, the best way to eat is dips in spice with lemons and a drink, the taste doesn’t last long but enough to make anyone remembers it very long long time.

ruoc lo

Maybe Ruoc Lo is mis-called of Octopus in Vietnamese

Do you know that a duck and a mulard can inbreed to a hybrid called Ca Say in Vietnam? In Tien Yen, Quang Ninh, the locals have this type of specialty and often grills Cà Sáy since thick skin make bites crunchy, the solid and yet soft meat tastes better than normal duck.


It look like a duck but taste distinctively

Some of notable dishes that makes people love about Halong for its same material but different cook: shrimp mantis noodle soup, seasoned boil geoduck, peanut worms and many more. You can always find new dishes on the street of Halong city