​Having your wonderful honeymoon moments in Halong Bay

Since the time you met your lover to the moment you hold his/her hands and heard the pronouncement from the priest, it’s like an admittance for your efforts to bring your lover closer, and with that, you two are bonded together. To celebrate that precious moment, the honeymoon is the key to open a fresh chapter of your life, many couples have different choices to enjoy that wonderful time and there are few things you might want to read about Halong Bay – The very natural settings to leave a profound mark in your both memories.

Over the long timeline, Halong Bay today still keeps its own natural scenic from thousands of years ago. Many tourists came here and all admire the beauty of islands that float on the bluish sea. Nguyen Trai – A renowned scholar of Vietnam had described Halong Bay as “rocky wonders in the sky”

With the sunny and cool weather on summer days, Halong bay surely showed all of its quintessence to lift up your moment up to a whole new kind of experience.

honeymoon in halong bay

There are many great places and many things to do for couples in here. First and foremost I must say is cruising tour around attractions, what is better than sitting near your partner and watching the sunset that covered the orangish coat for the islands here. In addition, kayaking is also an amusing choice or you can jump right in the cool clear water. But keep in mind that some places have strong currents and may strike the precautions.

The second thing for the honeymoon is cave exploring. In each grotto of Halong, have the distinct features and the stories behind for you to explore them. The biggest and the most rated one are Sung Sot or Surprising cave, those first explorers who set foot here had been awed by its vastness and the details it preserved from the long time ago.

Only 500 meters away from Sung Sot cave and on the same island, Trinh Nu Cave is another one you should get into. It’s symbol of love that can long last with the nature, from the legend as told by the locals: Once in the fishing village has a lovely girl that was born in poor fisherman house, as the time went by, the girl grew up and became more beautiful than anyone else and she fell in love with a man, they had committed to each other that when his sail finish they would be life companion.

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But she was also being caught by the attention of the landlord, as want to claim the girl for his own, the landlord did everything to make her as his second wife, but she resisted them all and the landlord punished her to be isolated in a cave, left her starving. In one day she couldn’t endure any more, so a strange thing happened that turned her into a statue in this cave, at this very day, her fiancée searched for her after he had found out what the landlord did. But it was too late, the man depressed for not being able to save her and then being shifted to a standing cave that situated next to her. The locals have named that cave is Trinh Nu and the men’s is Trong cave.

Up to now tourist still can see the statue of the girl that laid down with the searching eyes. The cave has its own shape as like calling for anyone come to visit this place at least once to know the story and the beauty of the girl as it presents

Another great thing is dinning in the cave, normally you can sit on the deck and eat the famous dishes of Vietnam while it’s extraordinary feeling to have a dinner in the caves, you can see the rawness of nature showed on the shape and the cool breeze in the middle of hottest months of Vietnam in such places.

Of all that Vietnamese cuisines cannot be miss while you and your husband/wife travel here on the honeymoon. Situated on one of the most well-off bays of Vietnam, Halong has a lot of seafood to offer anyone comes here. Sipunculus is one such dish, at the first time, you might think it’s not good, but the taste will convince you that the look isn't matter anymore.Click here to see how suitable Flamingo cruise for couples

Squid meat pie, one of the famous specialties of Halong Bay has regained many compliments from the visitors. For the first bite, this dish leaves a buttery taste on your tongue and the softness in every bite it brings.

And so, you can find many many more dishes to try at the dazzling scene of Halong. Certainly, that restaurants on the cruise serve some signature food but you and she may want to take up each other to every corner of Halong city and eat the very best cuisine of this place. 

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