​Ways to Enjoy the Beauty of Halong Bay

Many people have come to this place and shared that Halong Bay is the most wonderful trip they’ve ever had, maybe they had found out the ways to enjoy its own beauty as from their perspective and so why don’t you do it too, or you will miss a lot of awesome things that only you can enjoy with Halong Bay. Here are some suggestions that may inspire you to take your trip right away

Off The Radar

Indeed that Halong Bay is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam and draws a lot of many visitors here, almost anywhere are crowded, but so there are few places that haven’t been discovered or being neglected, I found that those places still have the little atmosphere of the forego past.

The first and less crowded is Bai Tu Long Bay, this place is called “The condensed Halong Bay”, the reason why this place has fewer visitors is that the number of boats enters Bai Tu Long is restricted, tourist always choose the top-rated cruises on the web and mostly these cruises are held in unrestricted places like Paradise caves, cat ba island, Ti Top beach and so on, a suggestion Silversea Cruise for tours to Bai Tu Long Bay. It also has beaches, caves and small islands with some familiar features with Halong Bay. The noteworthy destinations are Bai Tho mountain – the highest point in Halong Bay, Thien Canh Son Cave which literally means Paradise Scenery and many unusual names like Tien Ong (Genie Islet), Mat Quy (Devil Face), Dam Oan (Plaintive pond),…

halong bay view

Next to Bai Tu Long Bay is Mat Rong Island (Dragon’s Eyes), this place hasn’t been excavated by any tourist companies, with a lake in the island where covered by the surrounding sea, what is better than that isolation place? Since the island hasn’t been developed yet, there aren’t any hotels or resorts here to stay, you can bring your foods and gears to camp and don’t worry, no ferocity animals in this island.

Overview Halong Bay with seaplanes

You’ve used the flying cam to overlook some places before, right? The feeling that you can see the place is such a minimize lego city in the camera, it’ll be much better with the natural world heritage and why don’t you see Halong Bay with your eyes, which must be much better without the border of your camera frame.

You can see how beautiful Halong is from a different point of view, all 2000 islands that can see way up in the sky, you can decide and be inspired with the locations that lift you up the most. Since the beginning of the flight that last long for 45 minutes at Hanoi Airport, the life and culture that circle around red river are under you

Trekking in Halong Bay

Halong Bay has a lot of water, surely it is, but also hadn’t fewer places to start your trekking. Visiting the bay on your foot isn’t such a bad ideal at all even with the ladies, because the fresh air in here will boost you up that don’t even think you can walk for miles without any signs of fatigue, the landscape is what tempting the most, travel throughout the bay with the explanations of the tour guide in Vietnamese culture, custom, special facts are much like adding up small fractions about Halong bay to the whole picture that will make your brain dematerialize it into the memories

biking around cat ba island

When you get to Halong, I suggest that the first thing you should do is touching the rocks, the sands, the water, all of it combine you will feel that it is the true Vietnam. Let’s expand it further, let’s visit cat ba island where the national park situated in this place, the thousands of years old jungle has contained enough resources that let you harvest it. The unique element that you can only find in Halong is the limestone mountain combines with forest and situated nearby its friendly neighbor – the sea where is the nest for various kind of species, the most prominent is cat ba langur or white-headed langur, if you’re lucky enough you can see langurs hanging over the ledges of limestone like the daredevils, the reason why I mentioned the fortunate is because it’s a critically endangered langur, there’re only 70 individuals of this species left in the world

Besides, you can find many rare plants that only find on the Himalayas, when you go near enough, you will feel a pleasant smell from these trees.

Of all the details that I’ve to describe above believe that the magical stories, the wonders of land, sea, and forest of Halong Bay are good enough to make your trip to here will be the greatest