All Kinds of Vehicles Often Ride On The Roads of Vietnam

Vietnam's tourism landscape has rivers, streams, mountains, sea and even plain, of course, the means of transportation is diverse. Traveling to Vietnam, visitors can enjoy the unique means of transportation that cannot found anywhere in the world. Let’s check it out!

1. Xe om - Vietnamese motorbikes

Xe om is probably the most popular vehicles in Vietnam which the domestic and foreign tourists choose to move in their travel. Motorbike taxi in Vietnam travel is divided into two types of motorbike tour and motorbike taxi along the road that visitors can comfortably choose. There was a visitor who told me that it was the motorbike that made them especially interested in Vietnam tourism.

vietnamese motorbikes

For the motorcycle tour, the price may be slightly better than motorbike taxi along the road, but visitors are served professionally and enthusiastically. Motorcycle tours are more and more innovative to attract more visitors. There are motorcycle taxi companies choosing girls wearing Ao dai to become the rider for the tourists. Or there are car companies selecting the Vespa as the main vehicles, making the visitors become a unique point on the road.

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For the roadside Vietnamese motorbikes, this type is quite suitable for travelers in the country because the ability to communicate in foreign languages of motorbike taxi drivers is less professional. However, it is the motorbike taxi drivers are very caring, kindly guide visitors bit by bit. They are both the drivers and the tour guide for tourists. The cute thing about the motorbike taxi is that anyone who has ever traveled can understand it.

2. Vietnamese cyclos – Xich lo

Cyclo is also one of the most popular transportation options in Vietnam, with affordable prices that can both move and watch the streets slowly. Every corner of the street, every look can be seen by visitors. You can feel it. Cyclo has also been selected by Boredpanda as one of the unique vehicles in the world for travelers to explore.

vietnamese cyclos

In the old days, cyclo was often used as a means of transport of the rich and aristocrat, but later on, cyclo became a means of transport of the majority of visitors in and outside the country. Being a safe means of transportation with friendly and hospitable "cyclo" drivers, cyclo occupies the whole affection for foreign visitors.

If you choose cyclo as a means of transportation, visitors will be able to feel most clearly about the 36 streets in Hanoi, the imperial city, a happy Hoi An or a dynamic Saigon. Cyclo tourists will completely enjoy the feeling of airy and cool atmosphere. In case of rainy or sunny, the cyclo is equipped with a canvas to cover for visitors. Peaceful cyclo, pedicabs make visitors feel a very real Vietnam.

3. Double Bicycle

Double bikes are also considered as one of the unique vehicles in Vietnam. These Vietnamese bikes are mainly found in the sea cities such as on Halong bay tours because only when using bicycles new friends seem to relax comfortably in the deep ocean.

vietnamese bikes

Traveling along the sea lanes such as Hai Phong, Da Nang, and Vung Tau, an image that visitors can catch the most is that the double bike rolling on the road. Saying the double bike is a "moving vehicle of love" is not over. On a couple bikes can be family, friends or lovers, without the car driver. It is you and your loved ones that passing each road together. Enjoying the sea while just feeling the life of incredible peace is so great!

Vietnam has many beautiful cities with sea stretches. The potential of double bicycles for tourism is great, but the types of tourism services are not abundant. The appearance of double bikes will contribute significantly to the tourism service in Vietnam.

4. Vietnamese three-wheelers – Xe lam

Vietnamese three-wheelers (Xe lam) are quite rude and strange to many people. It has three wheels and a motorcycle-like structure for the driver in front and a passenger carriage or rear cargo vehicle, capable of carrying 8 to 10 passengers. People sit on benches with no seats apart.

vietnamese tree-wheelers

5. Electric car

Electric cars are one of the unique vehicles used in Vietnam's tourism, quite suitable for a green environment today. Electric cars are prevalent in ecotourism and scenic areas rather than for street trips. If you ask me to get a real "green" trip then surely, moving by the electric car is the most logical!

vietnamese electric cars

Electric cars help visitors move conveniently, do not release smoke, pollute the environment and not cause noise to noise pollution. A vehicle that is unique and really worth it if not try, it would be a little regrettable.

Traveling across the country, visitors can choose to travel by vehicles on land and on the sea. No matter what types of transportation are, we still believe that each means will help visitors have a unique way of life, people and beautiful nature of Vietnam! Please kindly visit our website: Halong bay cruise for more interesting about Vietnam