​Best Halong Bay Hotels

Choosing your best hotels in Halong Bay now isn’t difficult anymore, you can book it with just 1 click on the internet without worry much or struggling to go across many streets and cannot find any suitable hotels like in the past anymore. But what do you know about the hotels you booked? Is it good enough or Is it the best cheap hotel in Halong? In this article, you can find best-selected genres from the price, the services, beautiful view hotels, all you required to have a wonderful trip to Halong Bay.

Best View Hotels in Halong Bay

1 Muong Thanh Halong Hotel


I want to mention this hotel first on the list because it’s the tallest tower in Halong but not the highest point since there’s Bai Tho mountain still stand there for millions of years ago ☺. Muong Thanh situated near Bai Chay port which is very convenient for tourists to go to the beach (about more than 1 kilometers, you can catch a taxi which the staffs will call it for you). At this place, you can see everything in Halong, the floating cruises, the city, the sunset. Another advantage points are friendly staffs, room services on time, great designs, well-placed meals.

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2. Novotel Halong Hotel

Sitting up front with Bai Chay beach, you can reach it with only by foot for few meters and not so far away Sun World Park where you can enjoy many water games and Queen Cable Car - the longest cable system in the world, sailing from one to the other side of Halong, have I mentions about the pool with the view to the bay? It’s wonderful. Novotel Halong’s room has meticulous designs, you don’t need to walk to have the beautiful view to Halong Bay because the balcony of Novotel has it's all. If you haven’t booked any tours to Halong, the staffs here will guide you to the best as your request.

3 Halong Plaza Hotel

With its long-term foundation, Halong Plaza had become one symbol of Halong beside with Bai Chay Bridge which are literally true since they’re both not far away from each other within 200 meters away, at night you can see how colorful the bridge is and the other shore of Halong Bay. After booking with hotel staff, the room is very spacious and comfortable bed, tasty meals especially the breakfast with clam-like oyster called Ngán, Halong Plaza’s a decent hotel with reasonable price and top-notch views, maybe the only you can find in Halong.

Best Price Halong Hotel

1 Halong Trade Union Hotel


If you’re looking Halong hotel with inexpensive prices and decent rooms, this is the place, Halong Trade Union Hotel offers the most of your requirements for a good price room which includes: Wifi, bars, laundry, free breakfast meals, etc. With a very favorable position in city’s center, you can walk for few steps for entertainments, restaurants, helpful staffs who will try their best to guide you

2 Halong Park Hotel

For its not-so-crowd location, you can enjoy less noisy moments with Halong Park Hotel. After booking with Halong Park, you’ll have city tour which hotel staffs show you many wonderful destinations in the city. The cozy and clean room is the second thing about this place, the room’s very spacious compare to the price, the services and the staffs is what hold you back for your wonderful memories about this place. The meals are supplied with low waiting time and vary of food types. It’s worth every penny you pay for the room at Halong Park Hotel. Not too far away is the newly built Park and 300 meters away sea, where you can find the beauty of Halong

3 Halong Seoul Hotel

Most people renowned Halong Seoul with clean rooms, ardor staffs and great locations to access any means of transportation, entertainments like cinemas, parks, places to eat and shopping malls, the designation is elegant, comfortable for visitors The cost for a room with above things as I mentioned is worth for a budget hotel like Halong Seoul. You cannot find other hotels with these quality services with the equal prices. All you have to do when booked this hotel is relax and enjoy every single thing of Halong Bay

Best Luxury Halong Hotels

1 Wyndham Legend Halong Hotel


The five-star hotel in Halong and The first thing you realize when enter here is the ship model which is also the symbol of the hotel has very impressive designs, so does with the hotels. Wyndham Legend brings you the first class experiences, great view, not so far from the beach, responsive staffs, nice breakfast, many services to enjoy: a playground for kids, clubs, gym, pool. If you don’t know how to cross the street in Vietnam, the staffs will lead you or they will call reliable taxis as your request

2 Vinpearl Halong Bay Resorts

Vinpearl Halong is the only place that situated on a whole island. By the time you reached Reu Island, you’ll have a chance to enjoy the sea of Halong Bay on the boats carry you to Vinpearl Halong for only 20 minutes away. It deserved to be 5-star resorts with many first class amenities: Spas, gym, yoga, pools (4 seasons pool and the outdoor one), tennis grounds, etc. On the island, you’re no longer need to go anywhere else since Vinpearl Halong has included water parks, sports games, three beaches. Booking with Vinpearl is like rewards for your body and your mind to have the balance with civilized cities and calm nature

3 Halong Paradise Suites Hotel

Combined with Vietnamese traditional themes and elegant designs, Halong Paradise Suites brings the comfortable and classic tone of French, the charming and absorbing of Vietnamese. On Tuan Chau island is the main advantage of Halong Paradise since international events and concerts choose to be held at this destination, not only so, but the beaches and luxury services.

If you’ve left this place, I must tell you that, it’s not over yet since the great things the hotel brings to you are exceptional because the hotel staffs will make you feel special.

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