Choosing Your Private Boats with Halong Bay Cruise

Choosing Your Private Boats with Halong Bay Cruise

As the role of famous tourist attraction in Vietnam, Haling Bay and Quang Ninth province have received over 8 million tourists in only 2016. With that many people, you can imagine how agitate Haling Bay is during all the year along, most of people tended to choose Haling Bay cruises to visit all over the place, so to keep your moments serenity and isolate without any interruptions, Haling Bay Cruise has offered you Private boats to make your trip to be more special and one-of-lifetime trip.

To make the right decision about private cruise in Haling Bay, here you will find the questions that gradually unravel why Haling Bay private cruise are the apex choices for your trip.

What you will get with Halong Bay private cruises

Separate moments with your relatives and partner. If you choose private cruise, the easiest trait to recognize and the most common reason to choose private cruises is you and your groups are the only travelers on board (except the cruise staffs of course). Moreover, Private cruise trip is perfectly fit for couples who want to spend special moments with each other in the beautiful bay of Halong

The cruises providers have provided exclusively wooden junks for private cruises: you won’t see many commercial cruises with wood designs in Halong Bay even with the luxury class. Why is the wood décor considered as an important norm? Because it will give you the delicate feelings, the rickety sounds of every sea waves flapping from the sides of the boat. The wooden scents that only radiates in every steps you take on the deck.

Interiors of Private Halong Cruise

Private services is the another highlights, you will have an open plant frame to choose whatever you want to do on or off the boat and the cruise is waiting for your order, besides, the skillful chef will cook for the dishes you want or teach you how to make Vietnamese spring rolls. At the uncrowded spots, you can ask the captain for letting you take the wheel, this is what made it special, going through the things that you haven’t tried before

You will have time to explore the far-flung places that were situated deep inside of Bai Tu Long Bay or Lan Ha Bay. With these locations, soon you will realize that there’s only you left with the huge water.

What are the difference between Private cruises and Private tours in Halong Bay

You may have encounter the terms like: “halong bay private cruises”, “halong bay private tours”. Both can cause you to mis-understanding the words “cruises” and “tours”. Here’ll point out the differences between them and give you the right information to choose the suitable packages for you.

Private Cruise is the type of tourism transporting on the water to explore specific locations and activities in the designed itineraries for only booked travelers. With this type of traveling, you will have exclusive events far more different than the ordinary cruises such as: watching water puppet, holding a BBQ party on the beach or special locations: Me Cung Cave, Ho Dong Tien, Luon Bo area.

Private Tour is the larger coverage of private cruises which also included what private cruises have and added more activities or chains of activities in each locations. For specific, while you’re kayaking, you’re also free to go to the nearby locations such as beaches, islands, fishing villages and swimming.

Relaxing with Private cruises

What Private Cruises you should choose

With most recently upsurge in tourism to Halong Bay, tourists aren’t hard to find private cruises since all the cruise tour suppliers have presented their own packages, here’s the list of the private cruises which had gained a lot of positive responses over the years.

L’Azalée Private Day Cruise: This is the only day cruise in Halong Bay which has contained many tourist spots and unfamiliar spot like Tung Lam island for just one day. The cruise was operated by one of the most professional staffs in Halong Bay. There, you will enjoy modern interiors and best chef ever on L’Azalée

Valentine Premium: With Valentine, you will two choices: 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights trip, both will bring strange feelings from time to time while you’re staying in Halong Bay. Valentine Premium is the extended high-standard part of Indochina Sails, the largest and long-standing cruise brand in Halong Bay. With Valentine Premium, everything is completely balanced from the food, tour organizing, itinerary and the cruise itself.

L’amour Junk: With one word to describe the whole experience with L’amour Junk, it would be lovely, lovely the scene it brings, lovely from the kayaking trip through some incredible limestone cliffs, lovely fresh seafood from the cooks. As the first impression for L’amour Junk was the classical structure of old Asian fishing boats especially the brown sail has imprinted into many travelers, you’re also have a chance to play the role of a fisherman to catch the squids and enjoy the freshness of the sea.

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