Collection of 4 Days 3 Nights Halong Bay Cruises

Collection of 4 Days 3 Nights Halong Bay Cruises

Halong Bay - the natural wonder of the world is the most attractive tourist spot in Vietnam. The journey to discover Halong Bay seems never to end because visitors are always fascinated by the source of endless beauty here. Normally, visitors will only have 2-3 days to visit Halong bay before moving to the new location. However, if you have a lot of time, spend about 4 days exploring the bay. The following is a hint about 4 days 3 nights Halong bay cruises.

Starlight Halong cruise

Starlight is proud to be the most luxurious yacht in 4 days Halong bay cruise with spacious, airy space and modern equipment. 32 Starlight cabins are fully equipped as 5-star hotel rooms in the world-class standard. The yacht has dreamed of building a luxury hotel "floating" between the beautiful Halong wonder into reality

Since launching in July 2013, Starlight Cruises has been honored to receive thousands of visitors, including famous people, successful businessmen and become the number one cruise in Halong Bay. .

Overview of Starlight Cruise

Coming to Starlight cruise, visitors will be greeted by fresh smiles, professionalism in service, caring attention to ensure a memorable trip. We understand that: Travel service is not just about meeting the needs of traveling, but also the mission to create moments of refreshing pleasure, spiritual happiness by the delicate and high-class service.

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General information

  • Launches: July 2013
  • Standard: 5 stars

Exclusive points

  • High security: Currently the only boat in Halong is built with dual double bottom design
  • Wine cellar: It is designed with warm space and display a variety of delicious wine
  • Mini golf
  • The open area of the bow for shooting and sightseeing
  • Optional dinner: Customers can choose when and where to dine their meal anywhere on board.
  • Professional stage for performing:
  • All rooms are equipped with a double jacuzzi
  • The largest average room size compared to the same class (22m2 for normal rooms, and 50m2 for rooms & Suites)

Technical information

  • Base length: 58 m
  • Base width: 10.72 m
  • Draft: 3.15 m
  • Engine: YANMAR 330 hp
  • Generators: 03 DENYO (150 KVA, 60 KVA, 45 KVA)
  • Number of sailors: 46
  • Number of cabins: 32

Public area

  • Reception hall
  • Total area of 350m2, including a performance stage, a mixing table, a scenic balcony, a glass-covered restaurant that allows guests to watch the scenery during the meal.
  • Bar & Rest: 50 m2
  • Rooftop terrace: 78.5m2 including a bar and a grill, ideal for enjoying a cocktail at sunset or barbecue.
  • Wine cellar: With many choices of world famous wines, cozy and private space
  • Bow: Spacious, open space, ideal for sightseeing and photography of the bay
  • Sunbathing area: 350m2, where activities such as cooking classes, tai chi, golf
  • Swimming area: Separate turn up and down for guests

Activities on board

  • Kayaking
  • Rowing
  • Visiting the cave
  • Swimming
  • Learning cooking
  • Doing Taichi
  • Golfing

Emeraude Cruise

From the early days of discovering Halong Bay as a precious jewel in 1910, there is a pioneer one among Halong bay cruises 4 days named Emeraude has brought visitors here unforgettable travel experiences. Tens of years later, the old ship with the brothers Paul Roque is no longer but inspired by its historical beauty has returned on the Emeraude Classic, followed the mission to serve tourists from everywhere to Halong Bay.

Designed as a French-style antique steamer, the Emeraude Classic is elegant yet no less than a three-storeyed building with 37 cabins including a suite, a Captain's room and A Paul Roque room with private balcony. Each cabin features a queen-size or twin bed, full en suite bathroom, hairdryer, safety deposit box, two-way air conditioning and certified safety equipment. Emeraude Classic can confidently provide visitors with quality service like a 5-star hotel on the sea.

Luxurious and elegant interior on the ship and restaurants or bar in the classic style give guests the feeling of relaxation, watching the sunset or enjoying the meals of the day. The dishes are made from local fresh ingredients and beverages are available to satisfy all your needs.

Coming to the Emeraude Classic, guests are also invited to the Indochine screening in the evening, so they feel like they are on the reverse train between the unique natural setting, return to the story of the Roque brothers and as if floating somewhere far away French colonial. It is said that choosing the journey with Emeraude Classic is the option to step on the "time cruise ship".

On The Deck of Emeraude Cruise

With great capacity, the Emeraude Classic can completely meet the needs of tourists each year to Halong Bay with a 4-star Emeraude Cruise and seaplane. With the goal of providing a first-class service experience for 3 nights Halong bay cruises, the Emeraude Classic also offers leisure, health and spa activities right on board. Guests are sure to enjoy and enjoy the Vietnamese cooking classes, kayaking or evening squid fishing and visiting the Pearl Farm.

Princess Cruise

Warm, passionate, calm, or adventurous... all the sublimation of emotions for sweet honey week, a wedding ceremony, or simply "change the atmosphere" for your marriage. Let the Princess Cruises welcome you to discover the world heritage of Halong Bay.

Halong Princess Cruise Is Gogeous at night

Launched in September 2007 with 2 yachts Princess 1 & Princess 2, Princess Cruise provides a perfect service, 5-star standard. With the wooden/stone, harmonious, delicate between traditional and modern design, it provides luxury cabins with private balcony, dining room, sunbathing, playground, bar, hot and cold shower, two-way air conditioning for 24/24.

Princess Yacht Information

  • Length: 17m
  • Width: 5.2 m
  • Height: 5m
  • Architecture & Interior: Traditional combined with modern, wood and stone handmade furniture.

Room Facilities

Currently, the Princess Junk fleet consists of four boats, each with only one luxury room for 02 people and all of them are equipped with the most convenient facilities for your rest on the yacht. .

  • Glass windows (high and wide)
  • Tropical (two-way)
  • Personal wardrobe
  • Bathrooms are tiled with marble + gown in the bathroom.
  • Slippers in room + Hair dryer
  • Umbrellas and raincoats
  • Tools for emergency use
  • Clean water

Some highlight activities

  • Sea bathing (along the way)
  • Kayaking (extra charge)
  • Fishing + night squid fishing
  • Movie on demand (200 movies)
  • Some special services as required by each delegation
  • Other services mentioned in the detailed program.

Red Dragon Cruise

The last one among the list of 4 days 3 nights Halong bay cruises is Red Dragon Junk. Red Dragon is inspired by the ancient small boat of the river, harbor and sea of the Far East. Impressed with ancient Chinese architecture, the yacht has 05 luxury cabin designed in high-class wood. Staying close to nature is the crux of the cruise. Red Dragon is a great choice for exploring with small groups of 4 to 10 people.

Private Red Dragon Cruise With Luxury Services

Red Dragon Design Details

  • Total number of boats: 2 vessels
  • Launch date: April 2008 and launched in September 2008
  • Length: 25.0 meters
  • Width: 6.0 meters
  • There are 05 cabins: 03 single rooms, 01 double room, 01 third room with private balcony, two-way air conditioner, hot and cold water and modern equipments.
  • Restaurant: indoor and outdoor
  • Sundeck: broad and modern

Hopefully the information above will be useful for planning your visit to the bay in the future. If you need more advice please contact us at our website: for more details.