Common mistakes that tourists often do when booking Halong Bay Cruise

There are no guarantees that your trip will flow smoothly but avoid the critical mistakes is what you should remember when going along with the cruise tours to Halong Bay, you can encounter with many unfortunate events that eventually shut down your mood and the whole experience to trip at one of the most beautiful bay in the world. Although booking cruise tours are safe and reliable these days, but just for seeing the number 6 to 8 in the date will force your trip set back to 2 days or thinking that Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long are the same is not totally true since one with the large number of tourists and the other’s not, let’s find out why

Picking Wrong Destinations

This is the main factor that contributed many bad reviews on Trip Advisor to Halong Bay. Many people want a quiet place but don’t have any ideas about the differences between three main bays in Halong area: Halong Bay – the largest and attracted millions of visitors yearly, Bai Tu Long Bay with less boisterous atmosphere and many places off the radar from the tourist companies, Lan Ha Bay with the least visitors and exclusive climbing, hiking and many more activities

Booking at near Deporting time

This issue often happens with hesitating person or the changing-in pre-organized-itinerary, while they’re enjoying in Thailand and reading some reviews about countries in the region or the hesitate ones spend much of time to find the differences between cruises without concentrating on what is suitable for them. Also with this type of booking, the travelers stretch the straining line for both themselves and tour agents to the limit, many cases had showed up late or have been cancelled from hours ago. Furthermore, the deadline choices are often lead to bad decisions, the boats aren’t what they expected, the routes aren’t what they want, so make it simpler by categorizing into 3 norms: prices, services and condition of cruises.

Not Checking The Weather

Since sailing to the sea is depend mostly on the weather, so does with the cruise tour. You don’t want to see the obstructed view with the thick foggy. For your own safety and solid experiences to Halong Bay, just checking out the condition of the weather, it’s not hard to find since you’re holding smartphone. Remember that if there’s an upcoming storm from about 200 kilometers away to Halong Bay, your cruise will likely to be delayed or cancelled. The cold weather is also may not be the best offer to Halong Bay with the reason that you cannot swim, what is meaning of visiting a bay and not getting wet anyway?

2 days 1 night cruises aren’t totally 2 days

Many people have misunderstood this term while booking cruises since it’s included moving from Hanoi to Halong Bay at the morning of the first day and the afternoon in the second day. All of the itinerary have been noted in the booking. The reason for this limited hours of traveling due to one policy that the authorities of Halong Bay restricted cruises for staying longer than their permitted time, so that when disembarking travelers at the ports, cruises will have more time to prepare and maintain

Forget the passport at your room

Passports are essential part of the trip to other countries, but it seems that our brain want to get more challenges or saving more spaces for the upcoming memories at Halong Bay. On the up side, if you have forgotten the passport when landing on cruises, you hadn’t forgotten it at the airport. All you have to do in this situation is telling the booking agents to cancel your deals and re-booking it back later on, so you have time to head back to your room and remember this time to bring passport with you J. It’s impossible to tell the cruise operators to hold back few moments because the itinerary has been preset and if pushing the time back, they have to cut down the amount of time of the other travelers on cruise.

Note that: With different cruise tour operators, you have to pay different fees for the cancellation. For specific, contact with us through the website or by Phone: (+84) 913 050714 , Email:

All the cruises to Halong Bay are the same

It’s simply wrong ideal. To tell you that there are two different kinds of cruises which are: junk boats and modern cruises. With junk boats it was made all by the woods with lovely Vietnamese traditional decorations or the modern cruises with its amenities and convenient designs. The second criterion to classify types of cruises are the classes, at the moments three classes are available for you to choose: luxury, mid-range and budget cruise, in each types there will included extended activities and services like practicing Yoga, Tai Chi, Cooking class, .etc. As an example for such activities: Violet cruise

The third and the finally, the cruises are private or not, couples and those who want to enjoy Halong Bay with only their family members often choose the private cruises, furthermore you can choose custom destinations in the fixed itinerary. The common with more affordable costs with events and interactions to other travelers, you can be friend with someone from Russia or Netherlands and after that you’ll a latter trip to these countries with a familiar guide.