Guide To How To Choose Halong Bay Cruises

Guide To How To Choose Halong Bay Cruises

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Halong Bay is the scenic cruise on the quiet sea. There are countless options that suit with the requirements for each traveler. Whether you want to visit Halong on a short weekend or choosing a long day trip in this beautiful bay, you need time to learn and select a cruise line to suit with the requirements of your own. Here are the guide of how to choose Halong bay cruises.

How long will your trip last?

The first step in planning any trips is deciding the duration of the vacation. From there, set a cruise yacht. A day at sea experience will give you an insight into the local life of Halong. Usually, you will be led around the bay, watching some of the limestone caves and having a short time for swimming or kayaking. A two to three days trip allows you to experience and learn more about Halong. You will have the opportunity to enjoy more food and enjoy more activities such as squid fishing or doing tai chi at dawn.

For those who plan to rest in Halong on weekends or more days, the day cruises are the right choice. If you have booked a hotel room or only one day for your trip, this is the perfect choice for you.


Your budget

The finance is always the top matter of concern for all tourists if you do not know how to choose Halong bay cruise. You can easily narrow down your choices by setting a budget. Holiday length will help you choose a specific price. There are a lot of exciting journeys at a cost of $ 100 ($ 2,250,000) - $ 150 (3,375,000 VNĐ). They allow visitors to enjoy the wild beauty and vocal of nature.

In addition, visitors can enjoy delicious food and experience attractive activities. Most cruise ships are designed with a luxurious look, no matter what the cruise line price. We recommend that you do not choose the cruise package at the lowest price. Price often goes with quality. Just pay a little more, you will enjoy full service and more professional.

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Budget Halong Bay Cruise Have Decent Quality

Where do you want to visit?

Halong Bay is a small corner of Vietnam, in Southeast Asia. So visitors can see quite a lot of famous destinations in just one or two days. However, each carrier selects different tourist attractions you should note when finding out how to choose Halong bay cruise. There are dozens of limestone caves and floating villages for visitors to explore. Some cruise lines focus on the wild, primitive locations of Bai Tu Long Bay, not Halong Bay. Therefore, travelers should consider and choose the itinerary that fits their personal preferences.

Do you want to visit Dau Go Cave, Sung Sot Cave or Thien Cung Cave? Is Fishing village of Cua Van or Vung Vieng more attractive? Holiday’s length can affect your decision. However, you should choose the journey with interesting destinations to experience the whole Halong bay.

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Prestige and safety

Another way to odd out the choices is learning about the reputation and safety standards. Any reputable shipping lines will be subject to a certain safety standard. Currently, there are many online advertising agencies. Visitors should not decide when they are unsure about their safety or reputation.

For example, modern shipping lines do not exploit and use wooden boats. This is a point that visitors should pay attention. Choosing a low cost does not mean poor service. However you will want to pay attention to the ratings as well as the reviews of the customers. Best travelers should not choose cruise lines with little or no evaluation.

The combination of the Maritime and L'Azalée / Emeraude are prestigious names, chosen by many visitors. In addition, there are other units, including Signature, Indochina Sails and Orchid Cruise. Experiencing the boat cruises Halong offers a great variety of options. Make sure you finish the job before making a decision how to choose Halong bay cruise.

Paradise Cruises Are The Most Luxury In Halong Bay

Who will you go with?

Traveling with a partner will affect the way you travel. No matter who you experience with, there are always travel services for each situation. Families are the top priority for a few firms.

Other shipping lines focus on creating a romantic atmosphere for the couple. There are even yachts that organize parties with single rooms for backpackers and independent travelers. Make sure that the ship can meet the requirements of the group and each member.

Size of the ship

It is often said that the size does not matter, but in the case of cruises on Halong Bay are usually possible. If you are a solo traveler or backpacker who wants to explore the no fanfare attractions, a small boat can fit you. However, the larger the group, the more difficult to enjoy the environment may be narrow. Most cruise ships in Halong Bay are not that big.

There are many ships wandering through the bay, there will not be a floating Titanic-esque ship. However, some boats are more spacious than other boats, not only in room space, but also in dining rooms and on deck. Travelers who want to broaden their wings and enjoy the view from a quiet location on the boat will want to stay away from the boats cramming too many into a small boat.

Au Co Cruise Is The Largest Operated Ship in Halong Bay


Most cruise lines in Halong provide meals with a rich menu. In addition to traditional Vietnamese dishes, international dishes are also served. Many companies also organize cooking classes right on the boat. This is an opportunity for visitors to learn more about Vietnamese cuisine.

Experienced travelers often prefer to taste local flavors where they come. However, today, many visitors set their own food requirements. If you are allergic or are on a strict diet, it is best to choose a yacht company that suits your own needs.

The most popular menu includes fresh seafood. If you are allergic to seafood, make sure the shipping company has another choice at the meal. Families with young children will want to choose a yacht with a children's menu. Most airlines will happily prepare a vegetarian menu when requested.

Activities and Places of visit

None of the tourists take part in cruise tours just to see the scenery from the deck. Sightseeing is definitely a great part of the journey. However, the most interesting part of the journey is when you step foot on the train. You will be immersed in the picturesque landscape of Halong bay. There are many limestone caves, beaches and floating villages for visitors to explore. Most of the cruises will include the experience of famous sights of Halong by boat or kayak. In the afternoon, there will be water activities such as swimming, surfing or even diving.

There are also many other boat activities such as cooking classes, movies, squid fishing, tai chi every morning. Do not waste time experimenting with Halong Bay by sitting in the cabin and admire the scenery. Make sure you join the many activities to have the best experience in Halong.

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