Halong Bay Cruise Guide for Family and Couples

Halong Bay with numerous of types of cruise ship that can confuse anyone’s mind in the first time when they’re preparing for their trip to the most wonderful bay in the world. But don’t worry too much if you haven’t found out any cruise tours that are child-friendly or enjoying the wonderful time with your partners, Here are some suggest cruises:

Halong Bay Cruise for Family

Since traveling with your family must prepare more things than other types so overriding often happens with the parents, nothing is lamer than forgetting baby bottles or the diapers while the cruise’s sailing. Other than that, choosing the cruise with only 2 separate rooms makes it harder for you and your partners to watch over the kids.

The important rule in selecting a cruise room is the space in which separated into 2 options one with private space for parents and the other with all family lives in one large cabin. Valentine junk is the first one with largest room available in the term of size with 28 m2 and allow up to 2 adults and 2 children which is perfectly fit for a family. Besides the cruise’s route gives your kids plentiful of activities: enjoying the beaches, board and card games, visiting the floating villages and you can request pickup at your location and avoid to be passive in catching taxis.

Another one is Bhaya Cruise which you have cave exploring, swimming and laying down at Cat Ba beach and lead your kids on the bicycles through the forestry roads to Viet Hai village and special kid’s menu. Some of other choices are: Victory Star with 3 cabins, Calypso and Oriental with family rooms, Red Dragon with a triple cabin, etc.

For connecting with other room cruises which are resembles to a family room with one room has double bed and the other has 2 single beds and a connecting door to easily look after your children. Most particular cruises are: Emotion cruise (and a private balcony), Grey line cruise, Victory Star Cruise.

Private cruise is also a good choice since your family travels in large group and having your quality time with all the members. A reason to choose private cruise is that sailing to more places as your request within around the pre-arrange locations.

Halong Bay Cruise for Couples

Halong Bay is not only for lovey views but also the deliberate seconds that you’re breathing in this air. Many couples have chosen this place for how perfectly it is made for couples, all of the activities that occurred you can do it together with your partner from kayaking under the caves and saying wow out loud, climbing to the caves and helping your girlfriend to climb up, enjoy the romantic dinner on cruise and many more that only both of you can find out.

For the couples who want to aspire the romantic moments, L’amour Junk is an ideal choice, what you will gain when you stand your feet on board are the oak’s scent, the antique designs remind you both about the time when people still send handwriting letters and a rose to her lover.We’re not stopping here since what is exciting is that the couples can have dinner on the outdoor deck of L’amour Junk and slowly sails to the quite part of Halong Bay where the only sound you hear’s from your lover. The itinerary included: Bai Tu Long Bay, Cap La village, Cong Dam and Thien Canhh Son cave, all out-of-the-way destination that you’ll have your time to enjoy every seconds with her.

Other three top-notch luxury cruise are: Paradise Peak with the 5 star amenities which contained: spa, library, fitness room and a private balcony for each room. Oriental Sails with modern cruise ships, traditional Vietnamese massage, diverse meals.

With a little bit confusing about the above suggestions, maybe Signature Royal Cruise with the same itinerary and decent rooms can defuse your struggling. Aphrodite cruise is another one for well-equipped facilities and from the first day, the cruise was made for the couples.