Amazing seafood of Halong Bay You Cannot Miss

Besides the breathtaking landscapes and fascinating activities, Halong Bay also attracts tourists with its amazing cuisine, especially the seafood. If you get the opportunity to travel there, don’t miss these stunning Halong bay seafood below.

Grilled Oyster

Grilled oyster is a must-try dish when travelling to Halong. This Halong bay oyster with lemon is often ordered and enjoyed at food vendors in Pillar 3, Pillar 5 or Doan pier area.

The Halong bay oyster is cleaned and will be grilled on the charcoal stove according to your order, so it’ll be warmed all the time. The following sauce can be with lemon-chilly fish sauce. For you to know that Grilled Oyster is one of the most amazing specialties in Halong Viola Cruise 2 days 1 night

Grilled Oyster With Onion and Spices

Dipped squid with dill

Beside the delicious dishes can enjoy right in Ha Long, visitors can also choose some specialties as gifts to your relatives and friends.

The most famous name in the list of Halong specialties is probably dipped squid with dill leaves which is made from Halong bay squid. What makes the distinctive taste of dipped squid is the cooking technique, instead of grinding as many other places. After being spiced, the Halong bay squid is fried in a pan of oil until it’s turned into yellowish. Thanks to that, dipped squid is crispy and delicious. Although the price is little high, ranging from 300,000-450,000 per kg but tourists still want to buy when taking some visits to the markets of Halong Bay

Dipped Squid

Three-spike fish

To make this Halong bay fish, we need galangal, turmeric, shrimp sauce, pepper and salt. This dish can also be cooked with young banana and spring onion.

The best time to eat three-spike fish dish is when it’sfresh out of the pan with rice noodles.

Most people think that the best way to make this Halong bay fish is to cook with galangal and shrimp sauce, but three-spike fish can be fried.

Another dish is three-spike fish soup. The fish is cleaned out the guts and unnecessary stuffs in the fish, after that it’ll aromatized with ginger and alcohol. We cook the fish with the stems of Indian taro or green banana, bean sprouts, spring onion and perilla, this is the specialty on many 2 days 1 night Halong Bay cruises

Tasty Three-Spine Fish

Jellyfish salad

The fishermen in Quang Ninh call jellyfish as “white gold”, the reason behind is not only its advantages in the environment but also its delicious soggy-crispy flavour.

The Halong bay jellyfish season is from January to April. Jellyfishes float on the sea, sometimes the fishermen only need to boat off to catch hundreds of them. Some popular areas to catch jellyfish are Tra Co, Van Gia, Quan Lan, Thanh Lan and Co To.

Jellyfish is considered as a specialty of Halong Bay. According to oriental medicine, jellyfish has good effects on cough treatment, kidney’s health and diet. Jellyfish is low in fat, high in protein, minerals, iodine and other vitamins.

They create many dishes from jellyfish. Unlike people in the Central and the South, people in Quang Ninh don’t eat jellyfish rice noodles. There are jellyfish soup, jellyfish hotpot but the most popular one is jellyfish salad.

Jellyfish salad is served in most of the restaurants in Halong. This dish is very eye-catching like a flower.

Along with the taste of vegetables and spices, this Halong bay jellyfish is very delicious. In the hot weather of the early summer, the dish with enough sour, spicy, salty and sweet can please customers.

It is not difficult to make jellyfish salad. Visitors can easily buy jellyfish that have been preliminarily processed and packed for only about 50-60 thousand per kg. That is a really interesting gift for relatives and friends.

To make this dish, we just need to mix jellyfish with minced carrot, onion, lotus root and laksa leaves and sauce with garlic, sugar, chilly and lime. While cruising on Halong bay junks, Jellyfish sallad can be found including these cruises without the need of  searching for the ingredients: Marguerite Junk 3 days 2 nightsWhite Dolphin Private Cruise 2 days 1 nightStarlight Cruise 3 days 2 nights

Ths Jellyfish dish is crunchy and wet,

Roasted crab with tamarind

Roasted crab with tamarind is one of the most famous seafood in Halong. The most important step when cooking this Halong bay crabs and lobsters is making tamarind sauce. Sweet fatty crab meat mixed with mash, sweet and sour sauce can make you hard to resist and surely just want to return to Ha Long again to enjoy this Halong bay crabs and lobsters.

The sour and sweet in the shrimps may be the most temping taste ever

Raw shrimp salad

Raw shrimp salad is a favorite Halong bay seafood of fishermen here because of its sweet and sour flavour. To make this dish, we need minced onion, lemongrass, ginger, basil and green chilly. The sauce of the salad includes mustard and soy sauce. The spicy flavour will bring you an amazing experience when enjoying raw shrimp salad.

This shrimp dish gives you the sweetness of seawater shrimps

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