​Hesitation-free for Picking Halong Bay Cruise With These Norms

The first time you book a cruise to Halong bay is harder than most of others travel preparations because it’s the most influence on your whole experience in your trip. While Halong Bay contained many kinds of tour cruises which differ from each other, it’s necessary to choose the right cruise for your need, for example, you want to take a picture but you cannot or have to wait for very long time to take a good one in touristry destinations or with the same price, but some cruise may have more locations to visit. So the question is what are the reasons to choose your best cruise? These are the criterions that may help you to categorize which Halong bay cruise’s best for you.

The itinerary on Halong Bay Cruises

Basically, the time and the itinerary for any Halong bay cruise are linked to each other firmly, the reason for this is the more time the cruise takes, the longer trip you can enjoy, the more places you can travel. Many full day tours have average time around 4 – 8 hours which is very short to feel your beauty of Halong Bay, the itinerary is mainly around the ports and in Halong Bay, not extended to Lan Ha or Bai Tu Long Bay-like many longer time tours. Also, activities you can join: cave exploring, kayaking which is lasting for 1 to 2 hours (depends on your cruise) and beach (mostly on Ti Top island)


With 2 and 3 days tour, now you have more free time to enjoy more places in Halong and less followed to the itinerary of the tour provider since you can kayak to anywhere you want. The longest cruise tour in Halong currently operating are: Princess Junk 4 days 3 nights and Red Dragon Cruise. The approximate hour for 2 days trip is 24 hours and 3 days is 48 hours which included: cave exploring, kayaking, visit floating villages and more places in Bai Tu Long or Lan Ha Bay. Some of further activities are included specifically and differently for each tour operators in Halong Bay: messaging, tai chi exercise, cooking class, squid fishing, karaoke, happy hour (which offers you extra drinks)

In brief, Halong bay cruises have some particularly itinerary that started in Halong and lead you to Cat Ba, Lan Ha or Bai Tu Long Bay where you can visit the most beautiful places some may offer exclusives trip to off-the-route tours. The main key to choose best Halong bay cruise followed by the itinerary is the amount of time you spend on the cruise.

The services quality on Halong Bay Cruises

For many tourists, quality services of one cruise can take up to 50 percent of their experiences for the whole trip. Back to ten or twenty years ago when the first travelers went here and spread their words about how beautiful Halong Bay is, the tourism of Halong has taken giant steps in tour organizing and quality services, many tour providers now care more about customer’s experiences than ever. In general, to choose the best quality services cruise as your expectations depending on the price, but don’t worry about how the staffs treat you differently since the higher price for more activities and services, not the attitude. The main distinctions for how much you pay are: the boats and the extended services

The luxury cruise looks more beautiful for their designs, wider rooms, free meals, some cruise brands add fee entrances in their bookings, more relaxing activities (I’ve noted some in the itinerary part) which are different than budget cruises since it focuses mainly on the trip.


The type of Boats

In Halong Bay areas, Classic wooden junk and modern cruise are the main and only boats to serve the tourism. Under the strict supervision of the authorities, the boats must have safety types of equipment and regularly checking and maintaining the boats to reach the requirements. So it’s safer now for all travelers

Classic Wooden Junks with its symbolic sail have existed side by side with Halong Bay when Vietnamese settled here. The design of Halong wooden junks based on traditional Vietnamese sailing boats, the interiors were made by hoop pine trees and Shorea roxburghii which you will smell scents when close enough. In summer wooden junks is a good choice since the boat is cooler than a modern cruise (Not counting A/C of course). Some suggest for wooden junks: Indochina Sails, Dragon Pearl Cruise, Paradise luxury

Modern Cruise now become popular and appeared numerously in Halong Bay and many have been marked as 5 stars brands. The comforts and its ease and comfortable supplies are the main reasons for travelers to choose. You’ll see the today’s face of Halong Bay with fresh and sparkling live on the sea.