​How to have a budget trip to Halong bay

Money is always the most important factor that affects how you approach with tour packages and destinations, while Vietnam’s labeled as “one of the most budget countries for travelers” and so does Halong Bay. But you can choose to spend it wiser so you won’t need to worry about the bills after the adventure and still have quality time as good as the others get. And here at Halong, many travelers who are also finding cheap hotels and good cruises, eating best Vietnamese food, enjoy every moment in this wonderful bay. So let’s find out how you can spend 20$/per day at top for Halong Bay Tour


Listing out the things you will spend for the trip

Of course, this should be the first step that you should take so you can reduce the immense amount of money. Many things that you can buy at hometown to avoid the extra costs and awkward buying moments in silence. On the other hands, let specify what you can pay along with the trip like how much you will spend per day, eating at restaurants or on the streets, booking budget cruise to Halong or the mid-range one, where you should go (but you can get a little out of the list for freeing your mood more).

The duration covers all expenses of the trip, it’s important to decide how long and when you should stay in Halong, from the experiences of many travelers who have been here, the perfect number is 3 days and 2 nights, with this time, you can enjoy the most of Halong and the best time is in off-peak seasons which is less crowd and low price

Saving with Transportation

This is the most effective way and initial steps to cut down large unnecessary expenses for the whole trip. Airplanes are the fastest and the most convenient way to go from a -> z, with the destination to Halong, firstly you will depart at Hanoi’s international airport, let make this clear that you should choose not too late or not too early hours to enter Noi Bai because at these rare hours you cannot catch a bus and the only choice is high-priced taxis that cost around 10$, more than 9.50$ of catching a bus. But the advantage side of the taxis is that you can go to anywhere you want and these drivers can speak a little English so they can guide you a little bit more about avoiding losing your money immoderately.


For any of the choices that go straight to Halong Bay, catching coaches is the most suitable choice with cheap prices and fast, mostly these coach firms will offer you 5$ per seat in the normal days, 6$ - 10$ for the holidays depends on the frequency of coaches.

After you’ve set foot at the Halong city, taxis are the most common choice, for the most convenient, reliable services and cheap fixed prices, you should choose Grab, just install the app, book and wait. The price for Grab cars is a half dollar per km, the more or less costly way is traditional taxi bikers, you should offer the price first before you take on and be very firm in negotiating with the drivers, if you think it’s too high, just leave.

How you will eat while traveling in Halong Bay

You won’t stop trying Vietnamese food because it’ll leave satisfy taste in your mouth and unsatisfied growling stomach. Although it’s hard to limit the cost of every meal you take but you can choose places to eat, taking courses in hostels or inns isn’t bad idea at all, at these places, you only spend less than 1$ for every decent meals and street foods too, which is a part of Vietnamese people culture.

The accommodations you will take

The guesthouses and hotels in Halong are fairly good and clean with decent rooms, 2 or 3 of your friends can stay at the room rather than dorm rooms, the longer you stay the more you save for just choosing the right beds, some of the guesthouses even offer free breakfast meal. Or if you’ve booked a cruise tour, you can lay down on the boats or in the islands

If you don't know where to pickup budget hotels, here are some suggestions

Ways to enjoy your budget trip

No doubt that sightseeing is the most effective way, nothing better than you can go anywhere in the bay on your own. In both the city and may have many places for you to take a look, Bai Tho mountain, Paradise cave, Cat Ba island which includes national park, funfairs,…. only small entrance fees and you can be joining in exciting, exhilarating activities in Halong Bay

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