How To Travel To Halong Bay

Halong Bay has been developed as the main tourism spot in Vietnam and magnet numerous of tourists with its unchanged topography. Along with the growing fast services and destinations, one advantage of Halong Bay that made it’s friendly to any tourist here is easily accessible by any means from catching coach, bus, airplanes, ferries, you name it. But it’s not just jumping on a car and tell the driver go to Halong, you need to compare the price, the convenient of these means of transportation. Here’s the guide for you

By The Coach To Halong Bay

The most common and easiest way to get start your trip to Halong Bay. If you have traveled to Hanoi once, you can catch coaches on the highway, while walking through Hanoi streets. Up to now the city has re-organized all the coach stations, so the scene that coaches wandered around is no longer appeared, to catch the right coach to Halong Bay, you have to reach My Dinh or Gia Lam station in Hanoi, both aren’t different than the other, except depends on your location to reach the nearest place.

At normal, the trip will take up to 4 – 5 hours depends on the traffic and the drive will depart at the west side of Bai Chay bridge which is called Hòn Gai. All of the tickets are sold with one way for the price of 4.4$ to 9$ and can be higher in the holidays, the delay between two buses can extend to 1 hours, some coaches like Kumho Viet Thanh, Phuc Xuyenn and Daily Vietnam Tour are reliable brands and received positive reviews with free wifi, surprisingly that the price is very competitive with other common coaches.

Coach To Halong bay

Although with the convenient, but you should consider when choosing this type of transportation to Halong Bay since some coach providers can charge you higher than normal and mis-leading you to the wrong places, another problem is many drivers cannot speak English so you will have hard times. The solution for both scenarios is simple, pick the well-received transporting companies because they have been invested a lot in the cars and well-trained staffs

- > While you have reached Halong Bay, here is the guide how to travel around in Halong city

Other forms of coaches are: Taxis which can cost you very high prices but reach your designed destination in safety way. Shuttle bus which is provided by the tour operators charge a little bit more than the coaches but guarantee, safety and comfort.

By The Train To Halong Bay

One of the safest vehicles for travelers while in Vietnam, the train in Vietnam was built with the gesture of French, you will have chances to see people who live only few meters away from the rails, the paddy fields of Vietnamese countryside. In Hanoi, there’s only one train station that has courses to Halong Bay which is Gia Lam, only 500 meters away from Gia Lam Coach Hub.

The train to Halong named Halong Express with the duration will last for 5 hours long, starting in Hanoi at 7h05 a.m and reaching Halong at 12h00 a.m, with the other way, starts in Halong at 15h00 and reach Hanoi at 20h05, you may want to go early so that you have enough time to buy tickets which cost around 15$ for the hard seat (wooden chair without linings) and prepare your packages to lift on board.

Halong Express Train

On the train, there will be a bar, serving meals right on your seat as requested. You will have 20 kg of packages, enough for a few days trip to Halong.

Reminder: Train in Vietnam is known a time-consuming vehicle, so if you want to reach Halong Bay right away, this isn’t ideal choice. One more thing: Keeping your luggage closely to you, some pickpockets will take chance when you’re heedless

By The Airplanes To Halong Bay

The most impressive way of travel to Halong Bay but the price also keep in the top position. There are two types of air transport to choose: To go by the helicopter or the seaplane, both of them bring you the best chance to overview of Northern Vietnam landscape with the colors blend in green and yellow, the structure of Halong Bay, time-saving.

With the helicopter: the trip will last 45 minutes with cost from 350$ per person for one way tour and 550$ for two way. The starting point is at Gia Lam Airport and To book this tour, you need to contact with Northern Service Flight Company or you can contact with us Halong Bay Cruise.

Helicopter To Halong Bay

With the seaplane: The less expensive way to see Halong Bay on the air with the price starts from 176$ with many deals and offers, free-charge view to the bay. It can start right after you’ve landed in Noi Bai Airport with Hai Au aviation.

Halong Bay from the sky