​Saving money tips while you’re in Halong

Here’s to Halong, one of the best location in Vietnam, traveling to this place and you’ll get your lifetime memories for what it delivered to you. For the perfect trip you can visit as many islands as you can and while doing so, it’s great to not waste your money on something shinning or choose suitable room with reasonable prices, because after all the money you spent will never get back to you and a trip can be beautiful with a little cost to pay

1. Choosing your budget cruise tour to Halong

Right now, on the internet, you can search for many Halong cruise tour booking and may be overwhelmed by various kinds of cruise tours it brings. But the keys to filter one by one each cruise are the duration, the location, the including on which you want to stay.


With the question how long do you want to go, a full day tour can save a lot of your budget but isn’t an ideal trip you want, because you’re on tight schedule and cannot visit many places as other cruise pack, furthermore, you will be dried out for a long day trip and the next day you’re likely to spend most of the time in bed. The 2 day-one-night and longer tour packages have many extra activities and deliberately enjoying the tour to the further remote areas. But after all, you can choose the shorter trip certainly, because it’ll be way more enthusiastic and eventful

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The next target is the location, Halong Bay has many exciting caves, beaches, and bays for you to choose. Apparently, the easier the place can access so the more crowd it is, if you want to select some remote areas, Bai Tu Long and Lan Ha Bay are further than the others and also harder to choose boats because the number is restricted. In the overall, the landscapes are resembled from places to places but also has few facile distinctive spots.

For specific, Lan Ha Bay has floating villages, special foods, an ecosystem that inherits from next-to Cat Ba National Park. And the second of the furthest bays in Halong is Bai Tu Long, with symbolic islands and sea, national-level park, serene weather, and atmosphere, surely it’s the best money spending place for you. Moreover, some attractive places may have fewer expenses and have more extras that can enhance your experiences.

The last but not the least – The including for your cruise tour. The most common offers that many tour operators bring to you are kayaking, the fees for entrance, the meals, be sure that you won’t miss any interests.

2. Haggling with most of the things you buy

Haggling is one of the shopping cultures in Vietnam. Even in many stores, you can still low the price by negotiating the price with the store owner. That’s the way it works, you can buy things with high prices or take some time to have a lower the price. After all, the items you bought may be the same but you can save some bucks.


The important part when haggling with the locals and I think it’s the hilarious part is walking away, when the locals don’t accept your price, you can try to walk away and most of the cases they’ll call you back and accept the price you pay or lower a bit. It’s good to speak some Vietnamese words like “Xin chao”(hello), “cam on”(Thank you), “khong”(no), “duoc”(yes)…. The local will smile because you’ve spoken their language and offer you some good rate.

3. Avoid spending unnecessary things

There are many tempting offers that can easily make you open your wallet. But let’s see, does it worth? Like some nodding figures or meals from the hotel that cost you few bucks while you can find better dishes on the street with roughly 1 dollar and remember that many guesthouses and alley-hotels charge the price per room not per person in it, so few of your friends can stay with one room.

Choose Uber or Grab taxis or at least Mai Linh, Sun Group, these are the most reliable in-city transportations for many foreign travelers, it has fixed prices for every kilometer you go and the drivers are friendly and very helpful to guide you.

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Avoid to use your dollars to buy local things or it will cost more than it really is. Many tourists have fallen for this trick because the least valuable currency you have is one dollar, but many things in Vietnam have less value than that. You can find a different kind of places to exchange the rate such as banks, jewelry stores, tourism companies

4. Traveling during Off-peak seasons.

Most people choose to go in the highest peak months, so does the expense you pay. But for my experiences traveling on an off-peak season is the same and maybe better because the cool weather and you can decide freely when you to go to Halong Bay. From my opinions the autumns or August to November is the best time to travel, the cool weather, the places are less crowded, the price of the cruises is lower (But shouldn’t be unbelievable cheap because the quality comes with the price)


5. Eating and drink at the street corners of Halong city

From years of developments, The city of Halong has become one of the most animated cities in Vietnam, you can see many, many signature foods in Vietnamese cuisines show up on the streets of Halong city and has prices for no more than 3 dollars for most of the dishes like: pho(noodle soup – famous dish of Vietnam), banh mi (breads with many amazing ingredients inside), pho cuon (spring rolls – the look is ordinary but the taste is incredible) and many more that once you’ve eaten, you cannot stop, beware your belt J. Enjoying some warmly food that has just come out from ovens and watching the city moves while you have some relaxing place there.

Drinking can be more than expected, you can find beers or “bia hoi”(draught beer) with only 40 cents in pubs and restaurants around the city. The beer might not be as heavy as the German's but it can bring you down at any time. Besides, the food that eats during the revel is another impressive way to eat Vietnamese food.